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Chanterye is a group devoted to presenting aspects of medieval life to modern audiences. In its simplest form, three performers - Helen, Alison and David Cooke - offer a range of music from the 13th to 15th centuries. But they are often supplemented by other singers and instrumentalists.

[decoration] In its largest form to date, the group expands to take in actors and other entertainers to put on representations of medieval life and literature in a musical context.

Chanterye has close links with the medieval re-enactment society, The Lion Rampant.

The name "Chanterye" is a mixture of connotations: the "chanters" of medieval bagpipes; "chanter" - the medieval as well as modern French for "to sing"; and "Chantry" - the endowment or chapel building so popular in the later Middle Ages for perpetuating the memory of its founder. But to our minds, it's also an aptly Chaucerian looking word.